Complex Data Analysis

HMA can assist your organisation with complex data analysis and modelling, including:

  • Tailored survey design (online or paper-based) and cleansing and analysis of responses
  • Hospital separation data analysis
  • Economic modelling
  • Demographic and population health data assessment for needs assessments and other planning activities

Our consultants are experienced in analysing a variety of data types and work with your organisation to determine the most appropriate source of data, or when new data collection is required.

Data sources required will depend on the nature of the project, but our staff typically use:

  • Australian Bureau of Statistics census data
  • Australian Institute of Health and Welfare data
  • Medicare Benefits Schedule data
  • Hospital separation data (admitted episode data by ICDM-10 codes)
  • Burden of disease data (disability adjusted life year or quality adjusted life years).
  • Program administrative and activity data

We also routinely collect new data using purposefully designed surveys via commercial online survey software or paper-based mail out.

Our analyses can be used to assist with strategic planning, service planning, program design and program evaluation, including value for money assessment.

Examples of our work include: