Examples of our work: Complex Data Analysis

Supply and Demand Model: Service Plan – Wide Bay Hospital and Health Service

Wide Bay Hospital and Health Service sought to examine alternative acute, sub-acute and mental health service configurations across its three facilities in Bundaberg, Hervey Bay and Maryborough. HMA was asked to develop a spreadsheet-based model to facilitate scenario modelling that allowed for changes in self-sufficiency and relative utilisation by specialty-related group, also allowing for population growth.

HMA conducted extensive demographic analysis of catchment population data to assess population health, immigration and land release impacts on the current provisions of the health service structure. Data from Queensland Health, private hospitals and Wide Bay Hospital and Health Service was used to construct the demand and supply projection tool for use by the health service.

The project was completed in July 2017. HMA was sub-contracted by Capital Insight to undertake this specialist work.

Preliminary Evaluation of the Community Nursing Program (including assessment of fee schedule) – Department of Veterans’ Affairs

The Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) purchases a wide range of health services for entitled persons (eligible veterans and/or their spouse) through its Community Nursing Program (CNP). The program aims to keep entitled persons living independently in the community and reduce early admission to hospital.

In response to health policy changes and the introduction of new state and federally funded community programs, DVA engaged HMA to conduct a preliminary evaluation of the CNP. The preliminary evaluation included assessment of the needs of clients accessing the service, how well the needs are met, how the CNP contributes to desired client outcomes, and a desktop review of current fee structure compared to market value. Key tasks included:

  • consultation with a range of stakeholders including program administrators and providers
  • thematic analysis of stakeholder feedback
  • quantitative data analysis to determine program effectiveness
  • desktop analysis of the CNP fee schedule
  • facilitation of a stakeholder workshop to present project findings and test preliminary recommendations
  • development of recommendations for a more comprehensive program review.

This project was completed in February 2019.

Statistical Suicide Demand Analysis – National Indigenous Critical Response Service

HMA was engaged by Thirrili Ltd to undertake suicide demand analysis for the National Indigenous Critical Response Service. Key tasks included:

  • development of ethics submissions to the Victorian, National and Western Australian Coroners’ Courts for access to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander suicide data
  • data cleansing to identify null records and statistical outliers
  • population-based data manipulation to geospatially identify at-risk cohorts and trends (including analysis at LGA, SA2, ILOC, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people language areas)
  • data analysis to identify regions with increased levels of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander suicide, and clusters of suicides
  • development of recommendation papers outlining the statistical analysis and informing selection of locations for service establishment in each jurisdiction.

The project commenced in December 2017 and is ongoing.