Examples of our work: Evaluation and Review

Implementation Review of the Pharmacy Trials Program – Department of Health

The Australian Government Department of Health engaged HMA to review the implementation of the Pharmacy Trial Program (PTP). Under the Sixth Community Pharmacy Agreement (6CPA), $50 million was made available through the PTP to trial new and expanded community pharmacy programs which seek to improve the clinical outcomes for consumers and/or extend the role of pharmacists in the delivery of primary health care services.

The objectives of the implementation review were to:

  • inform and assess the appropriateness of the PTP including identifying the alignment between the program response (administrative activities and outputs) and the intended outcomes
  • identify early insights into implementation, including lessons learnt, potential design issues and opportunities for program improvement, and
  • provide recommendations and/or options on possible enhancements or improvements to the design and implementation of the PTP.

Key tasks included:

  • development of an implementation review plan
  • situation analysis and documentation review including peer reviewed and grey literature, National policy and Government Grant Guidelines
  • consultation with key stakeholders including peak bodies, advocacy groups, grant recipients and grant applicants
  • online survey of pharmacists to seek views on approaches to innovation
  • data analysis and triangulation to identify key themes and develop recommendations, and
  • final report of review findings

The review is scheduled for completion in June 2019.

Preliminary Evaluation of the Community Nursing Program (including assessment of fee schedule) – Department of Veterans’ Affairs

The Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) purchases a wide range of health services for entitled persons (eligible veterans and/or their spouse) through its Community Nursing Program (CNP). The program aims to keep entitled persons living independently in the community and reduce early admission to hospital.

In response to health policy changes and the introduction of new state and federally funded community programs, DVA engaged HMA to conduct a preliminary evaluation of the CNP. The preliminary evaluation included assessment of the needs of clients accessing the service, how well the needs are met, how the CNP contributes to desired client outcomes, and a desktop review of current fee structure compared to market value. Key tasks included:

  • consultation with a range of stakeholders including program administrators and providers
  • thematic analysis of stakeholder feedback
  • quantitative data analysis to determine program effectiveness
  • desktop analysis of the CNP fee schedule
  • facilitation of a stakeholder workshop to present project findings and test preliminary recommendations
  • development of recommendations for a more comprehensive program review.

This project was completed in February 2019.

Review of the National HPV Vaccination Program Register – Department of Health

HMA was engaged to review the National HPV Vaccination Program Register, specifically the establishment and expansion of the Register, the current provision of Register services and the anticipated future business needs. The project helped inform the Department’s approach to future procurement of HPV register services. Key tasks included:

  • reviewing existing information on the HPV Register to set the context for the qualitative data collection process
  • undertaking consultations with HPV program coordinators in the jurisdictions and other relevant stakeholders, including GPs. We also prepared an assessment of the emerging IT needs of the Register.
  • based on the desktop review and fieldwork undertaken in the previous stages, HMA prepared an analysis of the HPV Register assessing:
    • the lessons that could be learnt from its operation
    • the performance of the VCS in the provision of HPV Register services, and
    • the future business needs of the Register.

The project was completed in November 2014.