Evaluation support for the Latrobe Health Innovation Zone, Gippsland Primary Health Network

Evaluation Support for the Latrobe Health Innovation Zone, Gippsland Primary Health Network

The Latrobe Health Innovation Zone (LHIZ) was established in response to the Hazelwood Mine Inquiry and aims to improve the health and wellbeing of the Latrobe community. Among many activities in the zone, Gippsland Primary Health Network (GPHN) has established a project that aims to: reduce smoking rates, improve participation in population-based cancer screening programs (breast, bowel and cervical) and improve screening for other diseases through opportunistic encounters within the local health system. Working together with Larter Consulting, HMA was engaged to provide evaluation advice and support to the GPHN LHIZ Project team. This included delivery of a capacity building workshop on evaluation for PHN staff. Key tasks included:

  • Undertaking a pre-workshop assessment of the evaluation needs of PHN staff to understand the level at which to pitch the workshop
  • Development of a tailored workshop program for the PHN based on instructional design principles. Materials included workshop presentation, learner’s resource, and facilitator’s guide.
  • Delivery of an interactive one-day, face-to-face workshop onsite at the GPHN, including individual and small group activities.
  • Post-workshop feedback questionnaire.
  • Provision of workshop summary and analysis of feedback questionnaire to the PHN.

The workshop was held in November 2018.