Allocative Efficiency of Subacute, Community Services and Regional Hospitals in Tasmania

Project Info


  • Commission on Delivery of Health Services in Tasmania

Client Type

  • Government entity

Financial Year

  • 2013-14

Health Areas

  • Acute
  • Aged care
  • Primary health
  • Subacute

Services Provided

  • Health program development
  • Health services planning


  • Tasmania

The Commission on Delivery of Health Services in Tasmania (the Commission) engaged HMA to provide technical advice on the allocative efficiency of subacute, community services and regional hospitals in Tasmania. Key aspects of the project included:

  • preparing a data specification
  • consultation with key staff members at each Tasmania Local Health District, and sub-acute programme manages in both patient and community settings
  • quantitative data analysis comparing DRGs in Tasmania to those in Victoria and profiling the regional hospitals DRG data
  • undertaking a literature review to identify best practice models in sub-acute care
  • comparing referral pathways of patients through sub-acute care in Tasmania to the best practice model of care identified in the literature
  • assessment of the viability of emergency departments in Tasmania‚Äôs small rural hospitals, and
  • preparing a report for the Commission.

The project commenced in February 2014 and was completed in June 2014