Cancer Care Navigator Pilot Implementation Plan

Project Info


  • All.Can Australia

Client Type

  • Service provider

Financial Year

  • 2022-2023

Health Area

  • Cancer

Services Provided

  • Costing
  • Health program development
  • Workforce development


  • National

In 2020 All.Can, an international not for profit, contracted HMA to design and cost a pan cancer care navigation service for Australian cancer patients. The final service design included scope for in-person and virtual navigation support for Australian cancer patients. In 2022 All.Can re-engaged HMA to develop an implementation plan for the service at a jurisdictional level in support of a funding proposal put forth to the Commonwealth. Key tasks included:

  • provision of commentary on key considerations for the pilot’s implementation across 10 project management themes (specified in the PMBoK project management framework)
  • extrapolation of the project economic model to demonstrate the economic benefits of running the service at a jurisdictional level
  • working with a specialist AI company – Max Kelsen – to provide advice regarding resource requirements for the service’s app development, and
  • specifying the evaluation requirements for the pilot

The project commenced in October 2022 and was completed in November 2022.