Co-design workshop: defining models of care for primary mental health programs in the Central Queensland, Wide Bay, Sunshine Coast PHN

Project Info


  • Central Queensland Wide Bay Sunshine Coast PHN

Client Type

  • Government entity

Financial Year

  • 2017-18

Health Area

  • Mental health

Service Provided

  • Health program development


  • Queensland

The CQWBSC PHN engaged HMA to facilitate a one-day service design workshop. In preparation for the workshop HMA surveyed PHNs nationwide to obtain information on models of care they used to support people with severe and complex mental illness in primary care settings. This information was summarised in a discussion paper that was provided to workshop attendees prior to the workshop.

Attendees at the workshop comprised senior clinicians and managers from the local health and hospital services, and non-government providers commissioned by the PHN, and the PHN. The workshop identified: principles to inform the design of the model of care; the service target group; and an overview of service delivery arrangements including assessment, care delivery and case review. Outcomes from the workshop were used to inform guidance by the PHN to the commissioned service provider about how support to people with serious and complex mental illness should be provided.

Work on the project commenced in November 2017 and was completed in January 2018.