Development of an Assessment and Diagnostic Service

Project Info


  • Private

Client Type

  • Service provider

Financial Year

  • 2016-17

Health Area

  • Disability

Service Provided

  • Health services planning


  • Victoria

The client engaged HMA to research and design a service delivery model to guide the establishment of an assessment and diagnostic service for children with disabilities or developmental delays. Accurate and timely diagnosis of children with a disability can lead to improved intervention outcomes through a range of Early Childhood Intervention programs provided by the client.

There are long wait lists for public and private assessment and diagnostic services in Victoria, with inconsistent diagnostic practices existing across providers. The introduction of the NDIS, including a changing funding model presents an opportunity to establish an assessment and diagnostic service to increase the availability of such resources and drive business growth through a new service provision for the client.

The objective of this project was to examine whether the client should establish an assessment and diagnostic service. Key areas of this project included:

  • the model of care
  • assessment and diagnostic tools
  • demand analysis
  • costs
  • referral pathways and networking
  • structure, and
  • product development, including methods of engagement with potential clients.

The project commenced in August 2016 and was completed in February 2017.