Development of a Business Case for the implementation of real time prescription monitoring in Victoria

Project Info


  • Victorian Department of Health and Human Services

Client Type

  • State/territory department

Financial Year

  • 2012-13

Health Areas

  • Drug and alcohol
  • Medicines
  • Pharmacy

Services Provided

  • Health informatics
  • Health program development


  • Victoria

Working with MKM Health and PharmConsult, HMA led the project to research and document high level business requirements, and develop a business case for implementing a real-time prescription monitoring system into all Victorian pharmacies and medical practices. The deliverables were used by the Department of Health to determine and evaluate whether and how the state government should introduce a real time prescription monitoring system. Key tasks included:

  • planning and undertaking an initial round of consultations with targeted key stakeholders
  • desktop research and synthesizing outcomes from initial consultations into a High Level Business Requirements Paper
  • planning and undertaking workshops and consultations with key stakeholders (including the Victorian Coroner’s Office) to identify the detailed requirements and to gain an understanding of the various options to be assessed, and
  • analysing, synthesizing, and consolidating findings into a business case compliant with Victorian government standard process.

The project commenced in January 2013 and was completed in May 2013.

HMA was engaged to undertake an extension of this project, expanding the scope of the consultations and the costing of alternative options for the implementation of real time prescription monitoring in Victoria.

The extension commenced in May 2013 and was completed in June 2013.