Evaluation of an online self- assessment tool for breast diagnostic services

Project Info


  • National Breast and Ovarian Cancer Centre

Client Type

  • Service provider

Financial Year

  • 2010-11

Health Areas

  • Cancer
  • Chronic Disease

Service Provided

  • Health program evaluations


  • National

The National Breast and Ovarian Cancer Centre (NBOCC) engaged HMA to evaluate an online tool developed to support health services self-assess against recommended standards of care. In particular, HMA sought to identify the barriers to using the online tool. Key tasks included:

  • development of online surveys for health services that had completed (or partially completed) the online tool and health services that had not used the online tool, and
  • telephone interviews with health services to obtain feedback on the online tool and ways in which the online tool could be improved for future

The project commenced in October 2009 and was completed in July 2010