Evaluation of Pharmacy Continence Care Project (Stage 3)

Project Info


  • The Pharmacy Guild of Australia

Client Type

  • Peak body

Financial Year

  • 2009-10

Health Areas

  • Pharmacy
  • Primary health

Service Provided

  • Health program evaluations


  • National

The Pharmacy Guild of Australia appointed HMA to evaluate the Pharmacy Continence Care Project (Stage 3). This project was the third stage of a broader project funded under the National Continence Management Strategy. The project aimed to:

  • promote widespread awareness of diagnosis and treatment services available
  • provide community pharmacists and pharmacy assistants with the information and skills to significantly raise community awareness of incontinence and to recognise and promote help-seeking strategies by customers, and
  • encourage individuals to seek readily accessible, appropriate and discreet information about their condition/symptoms.

The project involved developing an evaluation framework,. This included surveys of participating pharmacies at four points: pre-training, immediate post-training, six month post-training, and twelve month post-training surveys. These surveys monitored the impact of pharmacists’ and pharmacy assistants’ participation in the  training program over a twelve month period.

The project also undertook telephone interviews with consumers about the quality of advice received from pharmacies, analysis of survey data over the 12 month period, consultation with key stakeholders, focus groups with pharmacists and pharmacy assistants and case study visits.

The project commenced in June 2008 and was completed in June 2010.