Improvement and harmonisation of VCCC clinical trial processes and infrastructure Cancer Trials Australia / VCCC

Project Info


  • Clinical Trials Australia

Client Type

  • Government entity

Financial Year

  • 2013-14

Health Areas

  • Acute
  • Biotechnology
  • Cancer

Service Provided

  • Health program development


  • Victoria

Cancer Trials Australia (CTA) was engaged by the VCCC to examine five priority areas for improvement and harmonisation of clinical trial processes and services. These were: ethics and governance processes for trial initiation, patient accrual, streamlining of costs for phase one studies, cost streamlining for first time in human studies capability and capacity, and provision of clinical research biostatistical and bio-informatics services. CTA appointed HMA to assist in examining the first three priority areas and to address issues through proposing new solutions.

In order to develop the new solutions, by means of pilot projects, HMA consulted with VCCC members on current practice and performance parameters to:

  • identify best practice activities in trial accrual and clinical trial management
  • identify practices that were limiting performance, and
  • make comparisons with state, national, and international benchmarks.

Key components of the project included:

  • Stakeholder consultations using a consultation guide based on existing information
  • Analysis and benchmarking of the findings
  • Synthesizing outcomes from the previous stages into draft pilot project proposals
  • Initial reviews of the draft pilot project proposals by CTA and VCCC for feedback
  • A round table review with a VCCC working group of the planned pilot projects, and
  • Finalising pilot study proposals taking into account all feedback and submissions to CTA for implementation.

This project commenced in October 2012 and was completed in June 2014.