Law Handbook Online Project Evaluation

Project Info


  • Fitzroy Legal Service

Client Type

  • Service provider

Financial Year

  • 2010-11

Health Area

  • Law and Justice

Service Provided

  • Health program evaluations


  • Victoria

The Fitzroy Legal Service engaged HMA to undertake an evaluation of its Law Handbook Online (LHO) project. The LHO project involved making the existing Law Handbook Online website freely available to the public (previously it was only available to subscribers. The redevelopment process also involved development of a community workers and an education portal to make legal information more accessible and relevant to individual sector needs. HMA undertook a formative and summative evaluation of the project. Key tasks included:

  • analysis of website information including visits to the website and various pages at baseline and four time points
  • development and analysis of an online survey for ‘new users’ of the website for feedback and perspectives on the website and information, and
  • consultation with representatives from the community worker and education sectors on development of the sector specific portals.

The project commenced in June 2009 and was completed in January 2011.