National Framework for Gynaecological Cancer Control

Project Info


  • Cancer Australia

Client Type

  • Government entity

Financial Year

  • 2015-16

Health Area

  • Cancer

Service Provided

  • Health program development


  • National


Cancer Australia engaged HMA to prepare the National Framework for Gynaecological Cancer Control (The National Framework) to guide directions in gynaecological cancer control for the next five years. The framework was developed to address the growing underlying need and to improve the quality of care and outcomes of treatment for patients. Development of the framework built on work already undertaken by Cancer Australia and the Gynaecological Cancer Advisory Group (GCAG), consisting of a wide range of stakeholders and experts, provided technical advice to HMA on the project. Key tasks included:

  • situation analysis including a scan of the relevant literature
  • development of a consultation framework
  • consultations with all key stakeholders, including specialist hospitals, peak bodies, and consumer organisations
  • review workshop with members of the GCAG to formulate directions, and
  • prepare the final report: the National Framework for Gynaecological Cancer Control.

This project commenced in November 2014 and was completed in July 2015.