NSW HIV and STI clinical services planning project

Project Info


  • NSW Ministry of Health

Client Type

  • State/territory department

Financial Year

  • 2012-13

Health Areas

  • Chronic Disease
  • Primary health

Services Provided

  • Health program development
  • Health services planning


  • New South Wales

The NSW Ministry of Health (the Ministry) engaged HMA to undertake clinical services planning for HIV and STI to ensure the service system continued to respond to changing HIV and STI clinical service needs. The key objectives of this project were to define:

  • the future role and directions for the public sector HIV and STIs clinical services in NSW, and
  • identify the optimal configuration and levels of service delivery required by Local Health Districts to ensure adequate and appropriate service access across NSW.

Development of the clinical services plan involved assessment of the evidence and effective consultation and collaboration with health professionals and affected communities.

In undertaking the project HMA:

  • conducted a literature scan on emerging trends in HIV and STI clinical care and population health approaches
  • surveyed managers and clinicians across the sector on current and emerging health needs related to HIV and STIs
  • undertook case studies to identify principles of good practice in provision of clinical care
  • audited medical records to assess the appropriateness of clinical care, and
  • developed a discussion paper on the proposed future role and directions of public sector HIV and STI clinical services. Sector-wide workshops were held to refine these directions.

The project commenced in February 2012 and was completed in December 2012