Statistical Suicide Demand Analysis – National Indigenous Critical Response Service

Project Info


  • Thirrili Ltd

Client Type

  • Service provider

Financial Year

  • 2019-20

Health Area

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People

Service Provided

  • Data analysis


  • National

HMA was engaged by Thirrili Ltd to undertake suicide demand analysis for the National Indigenous Critical Response Service. Key tasks included:

  • development of ethics submissions to the Victorian, National and Western Australian Coroners’ Courts for access to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander suicide data
  • data cleansing to identify null records and statistical outliers
  • population-based data manipulation to geospatially identify at-risk cohorts and trends (including analysis at LGA, SA2, ILOC, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people language areas)
  • data analysis to identify regions with increased levels of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander suicide, and clusters of suicides
  • development of recommendation papers outlining the statistical analysis and informing selection of locations for service establishment in each jurisdiction.

The project commenced in December 2017 and was completed in September 2019.