VCCC Research Capability and Activity Census 2010-11 and 2011-12

Project Info


  • Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Center (VCCC)

Client Type

  • Government entity

Financial Year

  • 2013-14

Health Area

  • Cancer

Service Provided

  • Health informatics


  • Victoria

The Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre (VCCC) engaged HMA to undertake a repeat comprehensive census of cancer research activity across members of the Victorian CCC. The census aimed to collect information to build on and expand the 2008-2010 census successfully conducted by HMA. In addition to reporting cancer research activity, funding and resourcing, the census captured detail on tissue banking, genomic research, collaborations, commercial and patent activity, industry partnerships and achievements in improved patient and population outcomes as a result of the research undertaken. Research groups were also asked to report on their access to research platforms (infrastructure and expertise) required in undertaking their research.

The key project tasks undertaken were as follows:

  • in conjunction with VCCC and individual organisation key contacts, compiled a contact list of eligible research group leaders involved in cancer research
  • developed, piloted and refined a web-based online data collection tool to conduct the census
  • distributed research group leader access details to the web-based online census instrument
  • developed and distributed an additional organisational audit tool for business development contacts to capture details of patents and commercial IP income from cancer research
  • worked with VCCC and organisational contacts to identify and collect central sources of data for pre-population of the census
  • circulated the census for review and populated the census with the centrally collected data
  • managed the online census, including consultation with respondents to resolve technical and data integrity issues
  • created a relational database for delivery to the VCCC
  • conducted a comprehensive analysis of the census data
  • produced an interim report, including a comparison to Australian and international benchmark data, and an analysis of clinical trial activity within the VCCC, and
  • produced a consolidated final report, including an analysis of the census data, a comparison to Australian and international benchmark data, and an analysis of clinical trial activity within the VCCC. HMA also produced nine individual institutional level reports.

The project commenced in February 2013 and was completed in July 2013.