Webinar Pilot Program for Mental Health Providers – Department of Veterans’ Affairs

Project Info


  • Department of Veterans' Affairs

Client Type

  • Commonwealth department

Financial Year

  • 2017-18

Health Area

  • Veterans

Service Provided

  • Health program development


  • National

The Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) identified webinars as a mechanism to further increase the knowledge and skills of mental health providers treating veterans and ex-service personnel. The webinars reflect the specific mental health needs of veterans and their dependants while also promoting greater engagement of practitioners in the use of mental health evidence-based treatments. To facilitate this, DVA engaged HMA to:

‘implement a pilot series of webinars/podcasts targeted at mental health clinicians providing services to veterans.’

The project delivered and evaluated six webinars, covering a variety of topics delivered by experts in the field. The project was conducted in six stages from April 2016 to December 2017:

  • Stage 1 – Project set-up
  • Stage 2 – Initial advisory group meeting
  • Stage 3 – Webinar development, production, promotion and delivery, webinar 1
  • Stage 4 – Repeat implementation cycle Webinars 2 to 6
  • Stage 5 – Post-delivery review and evaluation
  • Stage 6 – Project final report