Hannah Hogarth

Associate Director


Hannah is an experienced management consultant who has recently returned to HMA as an Associate Director, bringing a wealth of experience in program evaluation and management.

Before her return, Hannah was the Evaluation Manager at the Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre (VCCC) Alliance; this role involved overseeing the Strategic Program Plan (SPP) evaluation and leading the delivery of the Benefits Management report (BMP). The BMP report comprised 35 quantitative metrics tailored to measure the impact of the SPP, demonstrating her experience in using quantitative research methods, data analysis and reporting as part of a broader evaluation.

In her nine years as a management consultant, Hannah has gained experience in program evaluation and review, service and workforce planning, and strategic development. She has contributed her expertise to diverse health domains, including allied health, maternity services, aged care, cancer services, pharmaceuticals, primary care, and hospital pathways. Hannah is adept in project management, stakeholder consultation, workshop facilitation, survey design, report writing, data analysis, literature review, and options analysis.

Before joining HMA in 2012, Hannah worked as an occupational therapist at The Royal Melbourne Hospital, gaining hands-on experience across various settings, including acute care, aged care, rehabilitation, and community services.

Hannah has a Master of Public Health from the University of Melbourne, specialising in health program evaluation. Other subjects included epidemiology and policy.