Peta Phillips

Senior Consultant


Peta joined HMA in 2021 as a senior consultant. Prior to this, she was a senior project officer for a national research program building evidence for the sustainable implementation of genomics into clinical practice. She has also worked as a post-doctoral researcher in the transplantation field following the completion of a PhD in molecular biology at the University of Sydney. Peta is currently completing her MBA at Melbourne Business School. These experiences have enabled Peta to develop expertise in research design, data analysis and reporting.

Peta has over 12 years of experience working within the health and medical research sector on translational projects across a variety of health areas including cancer, rare-diseases, neurodevelopmental disorders, diabetes, renal disease and transplantation. Peta has experience in grant development and management, milestone reporting, national ethics and governance processes, project evaluations and MSAC processes. She has enjoyed working across diverse, multidisciplinary teams involving clinicians, researchers, consumer representatives, professional bodies and government stakeholders to achieve outcomes.