All.Can Cancer Care Navigator Pilot Proposal

All.Can Cancer Care Navigator Pilot Proposal, All.Can Australia

All.Can is an international not-for-profit seeking to improve the efficiency of cancer care by focusing on what matters to the patient. An international survey of cancer patients undertaken by All.Can in 2018 found that patients with access to cancer specialist nurses were better able to overcome these barriers to care. All.Can Australia commissioned HMA to design a cancer care navigation service that could ‘…relieve patients and their carers of the system-related stress and concern that they experience.’ HMA completed the model of care design in April 2021 and was recommissioned by All.Can in July 2021 to develop a pilot proposal for the service. Key tasks included:

  • Establishing a line-item budget over a five-year period to demonstrate the cost of running the service, and
  • Developing a proposal document for prospective funders that included a description of the service’s vision, model of care, proposed location, estimated service demand, economic benefit, and governance arrangements.

The project commenced in July 2021 and was completed by September 2021.