Review of the National HPV Vaccination Program Register

Project Info


  • Australian Government Department of Health

Client Type

  • Commonwealth department

Financial Year

  • 2014-15

Health Areas

  • Cancer
  • Primary health

Services Provided

  • Health program evaluations
  • Information technology
  • Organisational development and review


  • National

HMA was engaged to:

“Review the National HPV Vaccination Program Register, specifically the establishment and expansion of the Register, the current provision of Register services and the anticipated future business needs.”

The project helped inform the Department’s approach to future procurement of HPV register services.

The methodology involved:

  • reviewing existing information on the HPV Register to set the context for qualitative data collection processes
  • undertaking consultations with HPV program coordinators in the jurisdictions and other relevant stakeholders, including GPs. We also prepared an assessment of the emerging IT needs of the Register.
  • based on the desktop review and fieldwork undertaken in the previous stages, HMA prepared an analysis of the HPV Register assessing:
    • the lessons that could be learnt from its operation
    • the performance of the Victorian Cytology Service in the provision of HPV Register services, and
    • the future business needs of the Register.

The project commenced in July 2014 and was completed in November 2014.